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Re: [IP] RE: How lowcan I go, on basals?

Anika Schon wrote:
> Ah-haa! This is my point! A disconnect IS a 100 percent reduction, which my
> Endo is forbidding me, saying it could cause ketosis.
>   My uncertainty is, ketosis is produced by a complete lack of insulin.
> Disconnecting (or as I would prefer to do must because I have a Disetronic
> and I can -- reducing my basal by up to 100 percent) would give me no
> insulin. So on the one hand, my doctors dictum would seem correct. But so
> many on this list DO set their basals lower then 50 percent of usual or even
> disconnect for exercise and do not suffer ketosis.

There seems to be something your doc is not considering: the insulin
that is already circulating in your body is NOT nullified by the fact
that you pulled a needle out of a connector!

Even Humalog has an active life of about 4 hours.

If you're going to exercise, and if you have an adequate supply of
insulin circulating at the moment you disconnect, then the increased
insulin sensitivity caused by the exercise may well allow you to go for
a time without any additional insulin.

When non-diabetics exercise, their level of circulating insulin drops
significantly, and quickly, because of the ability of their pancreases
to adjust. When you decrease a basal for exercise, you're doing an
approximation of the same thing.

The only proviso is that you monitor carefully until you know what YOUR
body is going to do, because everyone is different.

I know I'm BAD, but in the same situation, I would go ahead and
cautiously try it -- YOU'RE the one who has to live with this disease,
and you should be the one responsible for it, not the doc.


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