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[IP] Silhouettes

Hi Marie,

My daughter who is 11 is only about 80 pounds and doesn't have much
excess fat anywhere.  Her favourite site, and the one which consistently
lasts the longest is her upper butt.  We haven't had the problem with
the Silhouette backing out, although I do know of people who have had
this happen occasionally.  We try to keep Erica's at about a 20 degree
angle, is it possible you are inserting them too steeply?

By and large, it seems that the Silhouette is the better choice for the
thinner adult or child.    We chose it because of all we heard about it
when reading the digests prior to starting Erica on the pump.  It has
worked very well for us.  Keep trying, things will get better :-)

Barb....Erica's mom

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