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[IP] ketosis and exercise

One must remember that humalog stays in the body for 3-4 hours in most
people, with most of that being spent in the first two hours.

So if you disconnect you are not insulin deprived - you still have
residual amounts in your system.  This is the explanation behind why on
longer bouts of exercise, you do need insulin at some point (aka the 13
mile hike where I kicked in a bolus after a few hours).

Now some people also have higher blood sugars during exercise due to the
liver's response of "help I need energy"/dumping sugar - this is why it is
so vital to be conservative in "figuring out" exercise at first.

If you are one of those people that go high during exercise, obviously
disconnecting would be dangerous.

As for feeling "icky" when disconnecting... well, that is actually due to
high blood sugars - if you remain stable/go low, then you won't experience
the "icky" feeling.  The other "icky" feeling during exercise comes from
not eating enough (even if your sugar stays stable, you still need energy
to exercise).

I would have a hard time believing that if you are in the pool of people
going low during exercise that disconnecting would make you  ketotic.


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