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[IP] age of IDDM

     I read Natalie's post about type 1 developing later in life, and 
     wanted to pass this along.
     My son went for his one year old check( a year ago),and I asked his 
     ped. to have a lab done to check for diabetes, and he said"It usually 
     doesn't show til they are 3 or so". I SAID, I want him tested, it is 
     in my family, my insurance covers it, PLEASE have a lab done.
     It just reminds me how we must remember to be diligent and determined 
     and to stand up for ourselves. We know our bodies, and we have to make 
     them do what we want. I don't give a hoot about my HMO, I want my doc 
     to do what I say when I know it's possible! That's it,
     Sarah b. 
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