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[IP] Figuring for "foreign" foods

Hi all

The thread about eating Indian food reminded me of something my dietitian 
told me several years ago. I was getting ready to travel to Korea and knew 
nothing about the food. She suggested I go to the library and check out some 
Korean cuisine cookbooks to familarize myself with the ingredients in some 
common dishes. It turned out to be a very good suggestion: I didn't have a 
bit of trouble while I was there. (However, you should also know that I like 
to cook and I read cookbooks like other people read novels.) I also took an 
acquaintance who is Korean out to lunch one day and grilled her on what the 
most common dishes are.

Not only did reading the cookbooks help me in knowing what typical 
ingredients are in the different dishes, it told me exactly what my first 
meal there was going to be: Pibimpap!!!! lol

After visiting and eating the wonderful food, I now own several Korean 
cookbooks and cook Korean myself.

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