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Re[2]: [IP] comments on popcorn, lowcarb diets, and bumper s

     Hi Gianna,
I think the peanut butter was because of the high fat, but keep in mind, this 
was 20 years ago, and he was kind of a renegade in diabetes at the time. I grew 
up in Indianapolis, IN, and he was the strictest dr. around those parts. He 
probably figured "not at all" was better than some. 
Sugarbusters I think is difficult to understand sometimes. There are some 
contradictions such as the one you pointed out. For me, I would always choose 
the higher fiber anyway because I know it is absorbed and processed in a much 
healthier way . Nine times out of ten, the insulin requirement will probably be 
very close, but with white bread be slightly higher. I am still learning too, 
and SUGARBUSTERS  has a great website(www.sugarbusters.com) that has a lot of 
question and answers info. Hope fully this will help you out! If I learn 
anything new I'll let you know!
Kevin's phone # is at my house of course, so I'll bring it to work with me. I 
contacted Minimed via email and that's how he called me. The pumper meeting is 
in September I believe. He sends invitations out, so let me get that darn ph# 
and we'll be set! 
I live in Whitman, MA, about 30 miles south of Boston. I live closer to RI, Rte 
495 is 15 minutes from me. And, the CAPE is an hour  from my driveway to 
Sandwich, just over the Sagamore Bridge. I hope we can meet at the meeting in 
Newton-that would be great. You all are the only diabetics I know-I am the only 
one in my family(now that my grandma has died). So, I am excited!

take care,
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Subject: Re: [IP] comments on popcorn, lowcarb diets, and bumper stic
Author:  "gianna marzilli" <email @ redacted> at LBC_INTERNET
Date:    8/22/99 1:13 PM

Sarah----first, why not peanut butter? That usually raises (my) bg really 
slowly.  although it is high fat  .  . . .anyway.  I also just read sugar 
busters and thought it was useful and great.  But one thing . . it seems 
that sometimes it works and sometimes is doesn't. For example, if a piece of 
white bread has 10 carbs and a piece of whole wheat bread has ten carbs, 
sometimes they both require the same amount of insulin--which seems to 
contradict the book. I am having trouble incorporating the physiology of a 
nondiabetic into my own regimen to help my control! Any suggestions?  So far 
I have lowered my required insulin dose from a high of 41 units per day to 
about 25 units per day just from changing my diet!! :)
        Also, I am from Rhode Island.  Where do you live?  Can you PLEASE give
me a 
way to contact this Kevin Harrington rep?????  It would be great to have 
someone in my area . . . . . . . the closest I have talked to is in Mass.  
Also, I would love to go to that meeting in Newton.  When/where/details 
please!!!  By the way I live a little south of Newport, in South Kingstown 
near all the beaches.  --Gianna
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>Subject: [IP] comments on popcorn, lowcarb diets, and bumper stickers! 
>Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 11:32:23 -0400
>      Hi-
>      on popcorn, my endo back when I was ten in 1979 never allowed me to 
>      eat popcorn b/c it raised bg's to high too fast. I also was never
>      allowed peanut butter  or raisins. NEVER! I'd like to know more on 
>      popcorn issue. I think it may be the fat content, but I'll watch for 
>      info.
>      On low carbs, I am very interested in the glycemic index . There is a 
>      wonderful book, SUGARBUSTERS that I read recently, and am convinced
>      this is the way. There is a website, I think it's rickmendosa.com
>      thathas amazing accurate info. Also, About.com has a glycemic index 
>      page on the Busy Cooks section--check it out. My gramma always ate a 
>      lot of high fiber foods and had great low sugars most of the time.
>      One more thing-I wrote MM last week (email) asking about 507C just
>      wanted to know about upgrading, blah blah. Well, Kevin Harrington in 
>      Rhode Island called me last night. He's a rep in the area, and we had 
>      a great conversation. I know others here are always saying how
>      impressed they are by their reps, now I have personal experience, and 
>      he is GREAT! BTW, he mentioned there is an insulin pumpers meeting at 
>      the Newton, MA Marriott in Sept. Anyone going? I live on the South
>      Shore.
>      Sarah
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