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[IP] White versus wholewheat bread

The gylcemic index of white bread and whole what bread is essentially the
same.  The same goes for white rice and brown rice.  In other words both
the white and the whole wheat versions will raise blood sugar as quickly as
each other.  It seems that the particle size is the determining factor in
how fast they are metabolized. Multi-grain or true pumpernickle (sp) bread
are absorbed more slowly. In rice it is the variety that matters most.
Sticky rice is metabolized faster than the long grain varieties.  I still
think the whole wheat versions are better for you because of the fibre
content BUT they do not raise your blood sugar any slower.  This is great
as I prefer whole wheat bread and I often use it instead of glucose to
raise a mild low blood sugar. For further information on the glycemic index
see Rick Medosa's webb page or put 'glycemic index' in as a search term on
the Webb.

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