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Re: [IP] carbs are equal

Jane, I don't know much about 'complex" carbs either, but ALL carbs turn
into pure sugar (glucose) in your gut, before they can enter your blood.
The only difference is how quicklythat happens.  I guess 'complex' carbs
would be those that take longer to break down, which would define them as
having a low glycemic index.  They might also have more fiber which is
supposed to be good for everyone.  I agree with you that carbs the source
of all evil, but we do need them for energy.  For normal people, i also
think it is the carbs that adds to weight, even more than the fat in the
diet.  The more carbs they eat, the more insulin they secrete, and the more
fat gets deposited.   Your diet sounds pretty healthy, but its not for me.
I need my carbs.
p.s., i would never send anyone hate mail, especially you!  *S*

<Wayne -
<Youu are right - I have tried to eliminate carbo's from my diet, or at least
<minimize them!
<I live on chicken and fish and fresh vegetables!  And i don't mean
<potatoes - yea, I hear them
<talkiing about complex carbo's, but  it will take time to convince me!   OK,
<donn't send me
<hate mail, but if you have additional info, I'm all ears!

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