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[IP] RE: How lowcan I go, on basals?

>>why not just disconnect prior to exercise?

geneva does this with no affect to her levels.>>

Ah-haa! This is my point! A disconnect IS a 100 percent reduction, which my
Endo is forbidding me, saying it could cause ketosis.
  My uncertainty is, ketosis is produced by a complete lack of insulin.
Disconnecting (or as I would prefer to do must because I have a Disetronic
and I can -- reducing my basal by up to 100 percent) would give me no
insulin. So on the one hand, my doctors dictum would seem correct. But so
many on this list DO set their basals lower then 50 percent of usual or even
disconnect for exercise and do not suffer ketosis.
   Forgetting for the moment the particulars of how my body will respond to
whatever level during exercise,  is there some reason's adult Type I-ers
cannot temporarily suspend insulin or drastically lower insulin before
   if there isn't I think my Endo is talking through her ass, because she
won't even let me test this a lower level and is forcing me to eat instead.

(Anika, the fat headed)

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