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[IP] problem with Silhouette

>>>Twice in the last
week, the cannula to the Silhouette has worked its way out of the sub q
tissue so that it ends up sitting on her skin.  The adhesive to the Sil
stays intact and just the cannula comes out. I called MM about this.
They think it is because she is thin and there just isn't much tissue
for the cannula to rest in .. <snip> ...Has anyone else had this problem?

Me, it  happened to me just a couple of days ago. And I am in my 40s, 5'1"
and 130 pounds and the place where the sil was had plenty of fat to go
around. I don't have a solution, because I too am mystified, but just so you
know, I don't think "too thin" is necessarily the reason.


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