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Subject: Re: [IP] A1c - David's

Morning is the time that Jenna's sugars are the most variable as well.  She
has the same problem with highs 1-2 hours after breakfast, but if we
increase insulin, she's low at lunch.  And it doesn't happen every day, so
if it's not happening, then she's 40 at school and eating everything in her
bookbag to get her sugar up.  Mostly, it has to do with growth hormone,
which is a hormone that raises sugars.  Kids make it disproportionately
during the early am hours, and don't make it every day, and around puberty,
make a whole lot more of it than adults do.  It was our topic at a recent
endo visit, and he didn't really have any big suggestions, just treat the
high to get it down.  Michael has talked about Lilly using a "booster dose"
of insulin in the am to account for the rise, but it doesn't work for Jenna
because of the inconsistency of needing it.  So, even if I have no answer, I
have sympathy and give you the comfort of knowing you're not alone.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom
<<My son Matt can
have the meter not read him he so high at any time!  Is this uncommon?
...We are very strict on when and what he eats, counting carbs very
well. Most of his highs are 2hrs after breakfast if i increase humalog he
crashes if i let him go, no snack because of high, he crashes before lunch.
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