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[IP] Dawn Phenomenon, Delayed Digestion, Raging Hormones, what is this????

Ok, had this 2 days in a row--only reason I'm up so early, hehe.
 Yesterday at 3am I was 203, no biggie. Corrected with 1.4
 Then at 9:05 am (not awake, but my mom checked on me sleeping again)
338---5.9 Correction
 Ok, now I figured yesterday was the first quite so high so early in
the am, I figured I had snacked a lot the night before, maybe that was
the cause of it, or maybe b/c the site was almost needing changed.
Anyhow I crashed from 338 to 38 after I did that correction so I
thought this bg was a fluke
 today no 3am check, but 7:30AM I was 347. Just corrected with a 6.2
bolus (yeah, would a shot be better?)  What is this? I snack at night,
yesterday 2 hours b4 going to bed was the last time I ate and bolused
and went to bed at 160, which dropped to 149 and was still dropping
from times of last boluses. Possibly this is the same thing asthe night
b4 since I went so high, and this night I didn't get a correction at
 So what do I do? to prevent it? Does it sound like it's from delayed
absorption? or Dawn Phenomenon? If it is my hormones my  normal pattern
is to go high stay high, I will just have to wait and see and hope I
don't crash after today's high like yesterday.

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