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[IP] problem with Silhouette

My 11 year old daughter is having a problem with the Silhouette
infusion set. She's been on the 507C for 3 weeks now. Twice in the last
week, the cannula to the Silhouette has worked its way out of the sub q
tissue so that it ends up sitting on her skin.  The adhesive to the Sil
stays intact and just the cannula comes out. I called MM about this.
They think it is because she is thin and there just isn't much tissue
for the cannula to rest in as it should. MM did not have any great
suggestions for me, except to try putting a big square of IV3000 over
the entire Sil site, but then we lose the ability to disconnect at the
site. They also thought maybe we should try a different site, such as
the upper butt where there is naturally a little more fat. My daughter
is not excited about that though. Has anyone else had this problem? Any
suggestions for which insusion set works the best on thin people?
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