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[IP] pumpers group, first day of school

hey all you Boston/Rhode Island/Massachusetts/newengland/however far you 
want people-----are there alot of people on this list who have met 
eachother?  I was thinking we should start little pumping groups in 
different regions . . .sort of a nationwide support network. There is a 
pumpers group in San Diego I think but not sure if they are on this list or 
not?  Just a thought because of the posts about Boston people and it's 
getting lots of responses plus some from New Hampshire and a few from Rhode 
Island :)   I know I would love to meet other pumpers.  --Any thoughts on 
this?  Hey maybe we could get funding for one of those national conventions 
. . .yeah right . . .lol.  --Gianna
   also, I will be starting pumping two days before I start school. Yikes. 
I'm nervous about starting school and pumping both at once . . . do you 
think it will be really difficult? Oh well . . . . my new blue minimed 507C 
came two days ago and it is the most beautiful piece of plastic I have ever 
seen . . . . . just waiting for my moose!!

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