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Re: [IP] How many people with diabetes in 100?

I teach in a Pre-K  to Grade 5 school with an enrollment of about 600. We 
have a large Special Education unit also.   Among the students there are 5 
with diabetes.  I make a point of getting to know all the diabetic kids and 
their teachers and parents.  

The principal, teachers and nurses are very receptive to learning as much as 
possible about diabetes.  In fact, two weeks ago (we started on the 3rd) I 
went in to show my pump to the nurses.  One of our students started on the 
pump this summer after seeing mine, and I thought the nurses at least needed 
to know what it was all about.  They asked me to show them how to change 
everything out. Then they asked if they could try doing it.  So, Thursday one 
of them changed everything out.  They asked for literature about pumping and 
have already begun spreading the word to other school nurses!  The principal 
even asked me to sit in on a parent conference for one of our diabetic kids, 
so that any issues with the diabetes can be addressed at that time, too.  

I'd like to start a support group at the school, and already have the 
principal's blessing.  I just don't know if it should be just for the kids, 
for parents and kids or for anyone interested in diabetes.  Any suggestions?

Brenda--from Orlando
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