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[IP] How low can I go, on basals?

I saw my Endo last Saturday. We are working out basal rates. One of several
disturbing dictums she gave me was that I should not lower my basal by more
than 50 percent before exercise because that would give me too little
insulin and put me at risk for ketosis. However, halving my basals for
exercise (which takes them down to .3 units hourly) is not adequate for
avoiding reactions. Therefore she decreed, I must still eat before exercise.
    Well, one reason I wanted the pump was to avoid exercise lows AND having
to eat something every time I get on my bike..
   I'm questioning her competence on this and a few other points. I believe
I've seen some on this list reduce basals by 100 percent sometimes before
exercise or even just for some piece of the night, which means a basal of
0.0 for whatever length of time that is set.
    What do you  think. Is .3 too little insulin? Is it possible to go
ketotic despite having a small amount of insulin? Is my Endo, as I suspect,
full of beans?

Anika, the questionable

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