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[IP] RE Ketones..Doreen, et al interested parties

This may generate a lot of friendly debate, but back in the days of my MDI,  
the long acting insulin meant that I virtually never saw any ketones, unless 
I was ungodly ill or pregnant.  Now I find that it pays to follow the advice 
in Pumping Insulin (see pages 6 and 100).  The info in chapter 15 on sorting 
out pump problems says it pretty good.  Actually I check ketones a little 
quicker then they suggest...in my case it's kept me out of trouble earlier at 
times.  YMMV

If there is no clear reason for glucoses over 250 twice in a row, they advise 
a set change, a syringe injection, and a check for ketones,  If ketones of 
significance are present, you may need more than your usual amount of insulin 
to bring the levels back down.  

Ketones are produced by fat breakdown...usually the body is using available 
glucose for fuel.  When one is losing weight fast (cutting way back on food), 
when one is in starvation, or if there is glucose available but not 
sufficient insulin to let it into the cells to work as fuel, the body breaks 
down its fat, and you get ketones as one of the breakdown products.

I see by some of the replies that some of the group don't have ketones unless 
, I think one said, over 300 for a long time.  I have caught myself heading 
into DKA around 200 before.  No, I don't check ketones evey time I'm 200, but 
I might if there isn't a reasonable explaination, and especially if I'm 
heading for bed or work.  If I have moderate ketones, I don't usually monkey 
around.  I'll check for something obvious, ( my quick-relase has come apart 
once with the SofSet and once with the Sil).  If there isn't an obvious 
reason, I take an injection and change my set out then rather than more 
waiting.  If you never show ketones this early however, it'd be a waste of 
time and resources.

Happy pumping

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