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[IP] Re Lispro Study


Thanks for the website so I could read the more about the study.  I wish they 
had mentioned if they matched the two groups as to "duration of IDDM"  
(considering that one with it for 6 months is likey making some insulin as 
opposed to someone diagnose for 20 years), however, with the ages that they 
used, I doubt that there would be a lot of significance in that issue.  
Though it was a small study, I would have to agree with the conclusions based 
on the data generated.

My own personal experience of more DKA that APPEARS to be more quickly 
generated with interruption of CSII since I started on Lispro is likely a 
combo of two things, coincidence and maybe a little faster utilization than 
the average.   And I definitely like Lispro better for "sick day" management! 

My best to Lilly

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