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[IP] HELP - Newbie needs answers

Okay, I have my first question.  I have been pumping since 8/6.  My
doctor has begun tweaking basals; I have four different ones.  Should I
wait until we have finished this process - i.e. maybe readjusted,
interval tested and so forth, before I try dual or square waving?  I of
course, have been trying to keep my meals basic, since we need to limit
the number of variables to see if the basals are doing their job.  But
I've had some variable response to boluses.  I realize that some folks
use the glycemic index and I'm pretty familiar with it.  However, I was
told to treat all carbs the same.  Then why, if I have pasta as my carb
one night at dinner and rice the next night (let's say equal portions,
although it shouldn't matter if bolus ratio is correct), pasta will keep
me in the 200's for 3-4 hrs, whereas rice will not. Is this something I
should consider using square or dual waving for? BTW my insulin/carb
ration is 1 unit/8g carb.  Any insight would be helpful.

Nancy :)
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