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[IP] re:how many with diabetes in 100?

I'm going into 11th grade, and from kindergarten till 8th grade, I was
the ONLY child with diabetes. I didn't really let others know I had it,
but in elementary school, I stayed K-6, I was the only one the whole
time, then in middle school, I was the only one until 9th grade. Now in
high school, out of 1200 kids, there is me, and 2 boys in my grade.
Funny thing, one of the boys who developed it two years ago I remember
teasing me about it in 7th grade! He sees my endo, but there is some
"comradry" between us. Maturity isn't an issue, he teased me last year
when I would go low and need orange juice in class..my comeback, wait
till you've had it as long as me, then you get the lows! Not to sound
evil or anything, but it hurt being made fun of by another teen with
diabetes, and he will probably run into that one day too..my first 8
years I had 3 if any lows in school, then they hit smack dab hard!
 I live in NOrthern VA, and there is not much diabetes here. It's
amazing when you see the statistics, and I just have to admit I would
love to meet another teen with it willing to talk. I know and talk with
the guys, but about other stuff, and it'd be nice to especially know
another pumper (my age). I help at a kid's support group locally,
usually there's 4 kids or so,young and still learning about the basics
of this disease ..
 so i've noticed the 1:600 isn't accurate, for 8 years it was just me,
now it's 3:1200, so...

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