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Re: [IP] carbs are equal

just to continue this thread which I know I have already opened my big mouth 
about. . . . but about the 30 carbs a day thing . . . um . . to me this is 
way too little enjoyment from food . . .but that's just me . . .alot of 
people who go on that diet reverse they're complications so don't knock it 
too hard. .  . .but everything is YMMV.  OK. Stepping down from soapbox now. 

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>Subject: Re: [IP] carbs are  equal
>Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 11:53:59 -0400
>In defense of Sarah, let me say that you are right Jane, the difference is
>sugar, but it is sugar in the blood that is the potential problem, not in
>your diet.  You must know that every carb you eat turns into pure sugar,
>Jane, so if you are concerned about putting sugar in your diet, you better
>be equally concerned about putting bread, fruit, pasta, potatoes, and even
>"dietetic sugar free" foods too.
>	Jan, great story, but do you think she would have made 100 if she
>didnt' have that last piece of cake?    *S*   You know just how much we
>diabetics love to see 100!   :-)
><Sara -
><We have disagreed  before.  But with diabetes, you are wrong - sugar 
><That's the only difference between diabetes and "normal" people.  
><die early.  Period.  Or of complications!  The difference is SUGAR!
><<Good luck!   Jane
><That's interesting. And you're right. People with diabetes die, especially 
><they eat sugar. It reminded me that my grandmother had diabetes and she 
><sugar just about every day (she did like her piece of cake). And, sure
><enough, she died!!! She laid down for a nap on the day she turned 98 1/2 
>,<she died. On the other hand, most people *without* diabetes die before 
><reach 98 1/2 ...
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