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[IP] Humalog at room temp

I'm behind in reading, but thought I'd comment about the insulin
temperature issue.

For the entire 10yrs I've been pumping, the current bottle of insulin has
been kept on the counter at room temp.  I typically go 6-7 days between
site changes and haven't had any problems from doing this.  I started out
using Velosulin, switched to Humulin R, but have used Humalog for the
past 4yrs.  If my syringe isn't empty on site change days, it stays in
the pump, so sometimes the insulin is in the pump for lots longer than a
week and still works great!  Now that my son, age 7, is also pumping
insulin, we get a new bottle out of the refrigerator more often, but it
stays on the counter till it's gone.   His sites last 3 days, but by then
the dressing is usually not sticking too well, so we change his.  If
there is more than 40units in his syringe still, we don't change that out
either, just the silhouette.  Glucose levels haven't been affected by the
temperature of the insulin.  We also have fewer bubbles to deal with.

I'm glad someone told what YMMV means... 
Tracy in Nashvllle, TN where it is hot and humid outside, but cool inside
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