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RE: [IP] antibodies--help

i felt sick for about a year before being diagnosed with IDDM, but I only 
lost five pounds.  No one in my family has ever been type one.  I wasn't in 
DKA but my bg was 681 when diagnosed.  In the last 4 months before 
diagnosis, I didn't have any periods.  Actually I started feeling these 
diabetic symptoms which gradually worsened (peeing all the time, drinking 
gallons, dry skin, muscle cramps, EXTREME fatigue, etc.) after I had a 
triple course of antibiotics and what I Think was a yeast infection although 
i read that is also a symptom of diabetes. I was on the antibiotics because 
of an infection in my finger that travelled up my arm and wouldn't go away.  
I had an antibody test a month after diagnosis that came back negative, then 
a GAD test two weeks later that came back at .2   where above 1 is 
considered positive.  So, just out of curiosity to all of you out there, 
especially any medical people, what do you think about those antibody 
levels? If I really was diabetic for a year before diagnosis, I guess the 
antibodies could be gone by now, but wouldn't I have been sicker and ALOT 
thinner and stuff?  Do you think the infection in my arm was what triggered 
the diabetes or was the fact that it wouldn't go away a symptom of it?  Any 
thoughts?  -Gianna   p.s.  I've had a few doctors tell me that they can't 
find ANYTHING wrong with my pancreas and that it could be some kind of 
thyroid problem . . .but for now still insulin dependent and looking forward 
to pumping. . . .

>From: "Susan Schilling" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: RE: [IP] Re (IP) Type 1 and 2--antibodies
>Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 21:14:09 -0700
>If both GAD and IA-2 are tested, I think it predicts about 90% of those at
>risk for future development of Type I.  This is not to say that if you are
>negative for both, you have no chance for developing IDDM.
>They are mainly used for predictive value rather than after the fact.  I
>question whether they stay around after you have developed the disease or
>not.  Since they are antibodies to the islet cells as antigens,  I don't
>know if they persist after they have done their dirty work.
>My guess would be that the level of antibody present gradually decreases. I
>need to find out if they are antibodies of the IgG class which persists
>forever and would kick back in if presented with similar antigen in the
>future or of the IgM class which are formed upon being subjected to the
>antigen for the first time and are the first line of defense when 
>are formed for good reasons.  I will see what I can find out and report
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