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[IP] Bent Needles, Infusion Sets/Sites, Opinion??et al.

Hello all---
 Infusion sets---I like to use my behind for sites, but would also like
to use my upper thighs, but so far no luck with them. I've tried
sof-sets and silhouettes, sof-sets would fall out, and sils would be
sore (which would cause me to remove it) and bg not too stable. I would
really really like to use my upper thigh, but mind you I use high up
b/c I don't want it sticking out under my shorts. I thought I switched
from Sof-sets to silhouettes, but now I am trying a bent needle
(recommended by a trainer), which is in my stomach. It's not bad, but I
didn't really know how to insert so I wasn't going to put it into my
leg in  case I put it in wrong, or whether it was the area, too many
variables for the first time. I like the sils, but they tend to hurt,
and I do not think that my angle of going in is wrong. I don't like
using my stomach for sites just b/c I'm weird, and much rather
alternate between other sites. I used my arm once but that was a
struggle to insert and not hit a muscle, and to keep it in 3 days w/o
getting in the way too much. I have noticed sils aren't always straight
when they're in either, it depends all on the angle etc. I tend to
float around, one site in my arm, then in my behind, now it's in my
stomach. Any suggestoins? About bent needles, will they work better
overall? should I be scared of trying it in my leg since so far I've
had bad results? Any techniques for inserting the bent needles? would
it be bad to have a needle left in my leg?
 I could say so much about pumping and the experiences I've had this
last week alone, but I won't bore you with that.
 On a side note, I'm 16, used the EMLA creme several times, then had
probs and had to insert right away, and now I very RARELY use the
creme, some people think the needles are big but they really aren't,
and I guess after ten years of 3 shots a day I am used to needles, but
I just think of it as another shot (with sils). Last time I used EmLa I
inserted in my backside, ended up with a bad site but b/c it didn't
hurt i didn't know until an alarm on m y pump went off, b/c my bg were
good all day
 Amy (in va)
 Type 1 since 3/7/89 (will I ever forget this date?!?)
 Proud blue MM 507c wearer since 6/28/99

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