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[IP] Covered Humalog/A1c's

I have just gotten my best A1c, at least since I became dm in 1966, of
6.2, which is right in the middle of the labs 'normal' range.  This, for
me, shows that A1c's are not an average, because I've had a number of
excessive highs (300's and even 1 that got over 500) that were caused by
site deterioration.  The advantage for the pump, with H, is that I can
get back into control much quicker and get down from highs and avoid
rebounds much easier.  My prior endo told me that getting 1 good reading
every day will eliminate most high A1c's, which seems to be correct, for

My question, is H covered by most insurance for other pumpers?  BC/BS
Nevada will soon cover it (within weeks I'm told), but has not yet.
With my past insurance I had to pay for it myself.  My current doctor
has been supplying it (his assistant gave me a 12 pack carton
recently),  I would guess that not many doc's would not do that.  At my
last appointment he transcribed a letter to BC/BS outlining how much
they will save in a preventative mode, for me and all his other dm'ers.

I have not been able to read much of the digest, because of all the
personal notes, 'me too's' and with either the whole prior post being
left in, or the whole message deleted giving no clue to the original
message (bumper stickers).  It's pretty much taken for granted that
humalog is the preferred way to go, but is it covered now?
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake
when you make it again.

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