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Re: [IP] humalog backup at school


Why not just get another SofSerter (Thunker) so she can
have both one at home and one at school.  Call your rep
about this, he/she may offer you one for free.  Even if you
ended up paying for it, it would probably cost less than an
unused box of sils.

Good luck to you and Eve.


--- deborah <email @ redacted> wrote:
> ruth,
>  Eve started on the pump at the end of school last year,
> and as far as back
> ups go, we left some syringes and a vial of humalog at
> school. We also left
> one set of pumping supplies, Eve uses sof-sets and we
> only have one
> inserter(she calls it Thunker), so she would have to call
> me to bring it
> up(I don't work so this isn't a problem). This way if I
> couldn't be reached
> she could take shots till I could get there. I was
> thinking of getting a box
> of sils and leaving one or two at school for her but she
> said to wait  on
> this idea. She still doesn't know if she likes sils yet
> and  she would hate
> for us to buy a whole box and decide she really didn't
> like them. Eve can
> insert both by herself so this is not a problem. This is
> also ok with the
> school health aid. One advantage with her starting the
> pump at the end of
> last school year was that we work out some of the kinks.
> Sorry this got
> long.
> Deborah mom to Eve 12
> DXed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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