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[IP] Pumping sugar

Hello all.
Since Aug. 8 , I've been pumping the real thing. Yes, I mean Coca Cola. I
figure why make the carbs take the pointless trip though the digestive
system when they can  enter the bloodstream more efficiently if  I just fill
the cartridge with soda pop.
    Well, that's what it feels like today >:^(   I'm mad. I'm doing all the
right stuff and I can't get my BG's to come down below 200.  It is now four
hours after I ate a meal with a mere 41 grams of CHO for which I bolused
accordingly, as well as a High BG bolus for the 98 points over target I was
at meal time...and ever since my numbers have been hourly: 244, (for which I
did a conservative Hi BG bolus) then 253, then 223 (for which I did a less
conservative Hi BG bolus.)
    What is the fricking problem here!!??  Last night I had to change out a
tender I had just put in 2 hours earlier when I found out the insulin was
actually coming out the top and making  a little water balloon under the
    I changed the infusion set only. The new set seems properly inserted. I
don't have any more water balloons, nor do I have ketones at the moment So
I'm getting some sort of insulin. I primed anew, just to clear the tubing
any possible bubbles, or who knows,  rotten Humalog . Everything is flowing
What gives???

By way of background, I'm comfortable inserting infusion sets, I'm pretty
good at math, I know my angles so I don't think I'm too steep or shallow
from the 30-degree recommended angle. The Humalog in my cartridge was from a
vial opened 2 and a half weeks ago and kept refrigerated until about 30
minutes before the last cartridge change which I did on Aug. 17.
   This is my second such event in two weeks (naturally the site immediately
prior to these last two still worked perfectly even at change time.)

Anika, the grumpy

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