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Re: [IP] Re:Cathy Jackson and son Eric ... thoughts on pumping at 12

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> Good news about the soccer!  Jack (age 5) just started pumping a couple of 
> Jack will start playing soccer for the first time this fall.  What did you do 
> about temp basals, snacks (if any), etc. during the game?  The advice on this 

I have 5 kids, and only Lily, the oldest, is diabetic but I can relate to 
the needs of the younger one since the "soccer scene" is pretty standard 
for all age children. For kids that young, the basal alterations will 
probably not be very big since they seem to go 100 miles an hour whether 
it is organized sports or just life in general. You'll have to just check 
periodically until you get a handle on his basal needs. There is no magic 
formula that will work. Check pre-game, half-time and after game, then 2 
hours later. For snacks, almost everything except the drinks will need a 
bolus as with all snacks. Just keep hammering into whoever brings the 
snack that Jack needs "diet drinks" They'll get the idea after a while. I 
have the same problem with Lily and other soccer parents. If you can get 
the snack co-ordinator to remind the snack parent each time, it will work.

Don't worry about the junk food, even donuts have a bolus value. Jack 
will be ok and he will have a good time.

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