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Re: [IP] carb is a carb--low carb, ruth

Dear Ruth (and Geneva)--Actually I am following a fairly low carb diet.  My 
original dietician (pediatrics) had me on 325 carbs a day, more than I ate 
"before!!!"  Anyway, I gained weight and was stuffed and my control was 
horrible.  She told me things like "white bread is better because it's 
fortified."  ?????????  anyway, as soon as I switched to about 100-150 carbs 
a day my control is MUCH BETTER, I haven't gained any weight, I feel great, 
I eat the way I used to, I haven't had any problems with ketosis or 
acidosis, etc. etc.  My dietician freaked out.  Then I switched to an adult 
endo who thought I was going GREAT.  Now, I don't know if this kind of diet 
would be good for younger kids because at 10, people are growing lots more 
than at 17 like me.  So anyway . . . .just my two cents.  Besides, less 
carbs means less insulin. Since insulin is the only hormone that stores fat, 
wouldn't this be a good thing? I think so.   --Gianna

>From: "Ruth Schneider" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] carb is a carb is a carb
>Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 18:43:08 -0700
>this is why I was questioning whether alot of the pumpers were following a
>mostly low carb eating regimens.  I would think that if you all ...and my
>daughter...were to eat mostly meats, veggies and fruits that your control
>would be better.  then of course one would have to figure in a frappuchino
>from starbucks or popcorn at the movies or that cotton candy!
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