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[IP] changes during a soccer game

We did not do anything to Rachel's basals during her first soccer tournament 
since pumping. She had one game Friday night, and two games Saturday (1pm and 
6pm). She just checked her bg about 30 minutes before the game (I wanted to 
make sure she was at least 100, but not higher than about 170). Before one 
game, we had her sip a little juice ... less than 2oz. to bring her up to 
about 100 since she had been hanging out at 77 all afternoon.  Then, at game 
time, she disconnected and played. She reconnected after the game was over 
and all was fine.  Well, with the exception of the last game, she waited 
about 30ish minutes to reconnect and had eaten a chocolate frosted cupcake 
without bolusing (remember, she still wasn't reconnected) in celebration of a 
team mate's birthday. Anyway, when she reconnected and tested, she was a 
little over 200.  I am not sure if she had some leftover icing on her fingers 
or not, but we did a little bolus and all was fine. We chose to check her 
bg's last night since it was a double game day. She went to bed at 11pm with 
a bg of 115. At 1:30, she was 118. We checked again at 3:30 (Rachel had 
always had problems with major decreases after such intense games) and she 
had dropped to 88. I gave her just a sip of juice (approx. 5 gm carb) and 
tested again at 5:30. She had come up to 93. We didn't test again until 9am 
and she was up over 190...ahhhh.  I think I might need to tweak those basals 
for heavy duty exercise day. I will probably do a temporary basal decrease 
from 11pm until 3am, and maybe increase her basal sometime between  6 and 9 
am and see what happens next time. 

With school just a week away, I think we'll be tweaking those basals for the 
entire day soon.  Ahhh life on the pump, quite a puzzle, but worth figuring 
out were every piece goes.

Mom to Rachel, 12 ... who slept through every single bg check last night 
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