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Re: [IP] Diet Coke - Coke

I do on occasion dip a test strip into my "diet coke" if I am not sure, it 
does work.

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>Subject: Re: [IP] Diet Coke - Coke
>Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 12:42:20 -0400
>A thought on that kind of situation- I've been told (haven't needed to test
>this one yet myself) that if you have doubts about sugar content in drinks,
>you can use a test strip (visual read) to see...if it gives a reading that
>looks like it would indicate HBG, chances are good that the sugar content 
>the beverage is high & will put you up there if you drink it.  Anyone have
>any backup experience that verifies or disputes this?
>Also, my mother has high blood pressure, & we got her a "salt meter" that
>she inserts the end tip into food  & it gives her a reading for salt
>content.  Is there something like this for sugar?  I have the feeling with
>beginning to pump (I start tomorrow!!), I'm going to be analyzing food a 
>more than I do now.  We go to a lot of "potluck mean" type events, & I'd
>love to have a realistic way of determining what I'm best off avoiding, or
>how to bolus for "Aunt Dinah's baked beans"!  Any good ideas/advice on 
>Getting Pumped!
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>From: Fran Baumgartner <email @ redacted>
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>Date: Sunday, August 22, 1999 11:40 AM
>Subject: [IP] Diet Coke - Coke
> >My husband and I went for our hot date to Costco for dinner.  I got a
> >diet or what I thought was diet coke.  I took a sip and thought hmm I
> >wonder if this is sugar.  But I am always questioning that when I go out
> >for I don't drink a lot of pop and was brought up on saccharin since I
> >was three.  Normally I have Steve taste it because he can tell the
> >difference, but for some reason I didn't this time.  We got home and I
> >had finished the code and I said, you know I really think this is
> >sugar.  So I tested it.  Thanks to this wonderful list I knew I could do
> >that.  Sure enough it was sugar and my bs was 305.  First 305 in months,
> >but none the less high.   I immediately called Costco and spoke with the
> >manager.  Nice guy, was genially sorry that this had happened. He
> >checked and sure enough the workers had put coke rather than diet coke.
> >He said what can I do.  I suggested that he put a note by the pop
> >dispensers warning diabetics that mistakes do happen and if you have any
> >doubts as the whether to soda is diet or not to let the someone know.
> >He thought that was a good idea.  So the next time I go I shall see if
> >it's there.
> >
> >Just had to share my story.  Thanks for listening - reading,
> >Fran in Az
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