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[IP] Can we agree to disagree about diets?

We all have different views on diets but I would like to remind everyone
that this chatline is about pumps NOT diets.  I know the two interact but I
feel our focus is on using the pump WHATEVER diet we chose to follow.  I
personally follow a lot fat, moderate to low protein, high complex carb
diet with emphasis on slow absorbing carbs but I believe strongly that YMMV
or do your own thing.  The pump will let you ear junk food occasionally or
regularily- its up to you.  Let's return our fucus to pump issues, not
trying to convert others to our own particular diet 'religions.'  It is so
easy for diabetics to get hot under the collar about diets.  Let's calm
down and discuss how to use the pump to eat whatever we choose to eat
without getting judgemental about what choices other people make.  I think
everyone should eat as I do, not just diabetics, but I would soon be very
lonely if I tried to convert everyone to my point of view.  My
(non-diabetic) husband likes to drink 6 to 8 fluid ounces of pure Maple
Syrup at a sitting (He's from Quebec) and says if he became diabetic he
would just keep pressing the bolus button until he set off the over
delivery alarm!  I don't like his diet but ITS HIS DIET and he has the
right to eat whatever he wants no matter what I think.

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