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Re: [IP] A1c - David's


Don't feel bad on the highs...I've been on MDIs for the past 2 years
(standard "two shots daily, minimal testing" for 11 years before that,
thanks to substandard medical attention & my own ignorance as to the
implications & consiquences), & although for a while my control was really
good, in recent months it seems everything has gone all out of whack...my
highs range anywhere from 250-500 (& yes, sometimes right off the meter), &
my lows have dropped as low as 20!  Despite following all of the endo's
instructions, it's just been a mess...the good news is, I start pumping
TOMORROW!!!  :)  I am really excited...& a little scared, too.  I'm a
teacher, & we start back to school next week, so that's going to be
interesting as far as "dual readjustments" go!

I just wanted to let you know, though, that I think the same kind of thing
when I read someone talking about a high of 180 or 200...I wish, I wish
that's where my highs were landing.  Let Matt know he's not alone in the
world of crazy numbers!  I don't have any great advice to offer yet (I'm
hoping soon, though) other than test often & when he's high, have him drink
lots of water...that's what I was told to do, & it does seem to help a lot
in terms of stablizing, at least for me.

Soon to be Pumping!!

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>David congrats on the a1c i think you should boast all you want!!!  You say
>you have some high's in the 180's, i hear this as high alot.  My son Matt
>have the meter not read him he so high at any time!  Is this uncommon?
>Someone out there please reply.......everytime someone says they were
>high and the number is below 300 i think man, i wish Matt's high's were
>numbers!!! We are very strict on when and what he eats, counting carbs very
>well. Most of his highs are 2hrs after breakfast if i increase humalog he
>crashes if i let him go, no snack because of high, he crashes before lunch.
>Any advice would be greatful.
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