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[IP] Diet Coke - Coke

My husband and I went for our hot date to Costco for dinner.  I got a
diet or what I thought was diet coke.  I took a sip and thought hmm I
wonder if this is sugar.  But I am always questioning that when I go out
for I don't drink a lot of pop and was brought up on saccharin since I
was three.  Normally I have Steve taste it because he can tell the
difference, but for some reason I didn't this time.  We got home and I
had finished the code and I said, you know I really think this is
sugar.  So I tested it.  Thanks to this wonderful list I knew I could do
that.  Sure enough it was sugar and my bs was 305.  First 305 in months,
but none the less high.   I immediately called Costco and spoke with the
manager.  Nice guy, was genially sorry that this had happened. He
checked and sure enough the workers had put coke rather than diet coke.
He said what can I do.  I suggested that he put a note by the pop
dispensers warning diabetics that mistakes do happen and if you have any
doubts as the whether to soda is diet or not to let the someone know.
He thought that was a good idea.  So the next time I go I shall see if
it's there.

Just had to share my story.  Thanks for listening - reading,
Fran in Az

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