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[IP] Low A1C

Hi all,

Okay, this is in response (sort of) to Sara's post about people being
obsessive if they have an A1C below 6.0.  My A1C run any where from 5.4 to
5.9.  I am not obsessive.  I do test a lot.  If I find I am high (which I
do, 21% of my tests according to my chart are above 180) I fix it right
away.  I think because I test so much (8 to 15 times a day) I find my highs
quicker and get rid of them faster so they do not have time to stick to the
things they stick to for showing on your A1C.  I know that was not the
technical way to say it but I have no idea what is so . . . Could this maybe
be why my A1C is low?  I don't really know.  I do know I am not low anywhere
like I use to be on MDI.  I do have lows but usually in the 60's and always
treatable by myself which is not what they use to be on MDI.  My test chart
shows 12% of my tests are below 75 so that should give you an idea.  It may
be obsessive to test so much but if I feel "different" at all I would rather
test and rule out any problems.  I hope this helps explain how you can have
a lower A1C if you are lucky.  I think it all boils down to what your
individual battle with diabetes will allow you.  No offense meant to

Take care.

Type 1, 23 years
MM507 18 mths.

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