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Re: [IP] Re:Cathy Jackson and son Eric ... thoughts on pumping at 12

Hello Cathy, good for you all!  My son Matt is 10 and we are ready to pump!  
He was diagnosed 8 mos ago and i've been on pins and needles since.  I want 
the best control i can get and i'll do whatever it takes to do it.  I am very 
nervous about starting because i'm just starting to feel like i know what i'm 
doing with carb counting, insulin adjustments etc.  Please ease my fears any 
info would be great and appreciated. I am get more nervous about the pump the 
more posts' i read!  It sounds very difficult! It sounds like you need to be 
a mathematician!!!  HELP!!!!

email @ redacted
P.S. Matt is the only diabetic in a school of over 800!!!
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