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[IP] site changes/time of day

I know  this is a YMMV thing, but I wanted to share my recent discovery.

Except in "emergencies," I've routinely changed my sites in the morning (I
change every 3 days). At first I changed before breakfast, then I changed
after breakfast, (did a little better). Then thanks to this web site, I
started keeping my old site in for 2-3 hours, a little better, then I
started giving an extra bolus of .5, still not much better. My point is that
I almost always went higher than I wanted to no matter what I did! I checked
for bubbles, did site checks, everything I could think of.

After doing one of my "emergency" changes one evening, I realized I stayed
in target that night. I had planned on waiting til evening on my last
change, but had to change after lunch and again found I was on target the
rest of the day! I'm still going to do some checking (I did go back over my
records and discovered two other changes during the day/evening when I
stayed on target) but I think I'm going to avoid changing in the morning
from now on. Just a reminder, if a site change is done at night, it needs to
be monitored to be sure there's no problem. I always check 3 hours after a

Hope this helps others who might be having trouble with highs after a

Deb N.

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