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Re: [IP] Lispro study..what does it say

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> Michael, love your posts.  But I'm not sure about your take on this study.  
> However, I have only read the exerpt posted to the list, so my understanding 
> may be incomplete.  You felt it documents that one should not have to worry 
> about CSII interruption at night on lispro.  I though it just showed what we 
Read the article.


here are the conclusions

CONCLUSIONS: In patients treated with CSII, interruption of
the basal insulin infusion in the middle of the night does not result in 
more rapid metabolic decompensation in patients treated
with lispro compared with those treated with regular human insulin. 
Lispro insulin is effective in treating mild ketosis and
hyperglycemia, and its rapid action may be advantageous in the "sick day" 
management at home of patients with IDDM. 
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