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Re: [IP] how to ruin a perfect day of #'s

On Sat, 21 Aug 1999 email @ redacted wrote:
> Kevin wanted dessert. We usually try to stick to home desserts with the carbs 
> on the package...but we said ok since we have put him thru so much basal 
> testing this week...SO he got a cup of icecream with some chocolate sauce on 
> it. Pretty innocent I thought. Looked up in my book and estimated about 45 
> carbs for the whole thing. 
> He started the dinner at 100 and ate what he normally does (and never had a 
> problem with). 2 hours later he was 401! I couldnt believe it. He felt awful 
> ....then 1/2 hour later checked and he was 375. We did 1.0 

Normally regular icecream behaves much like milk. Easy to bolus for and a 
smooth up and down digestion cycle that matches the insulin fairly close. 
Same for regular chocolate sauce like Hershy's or stuff from the 
ice-cream store. Are you sure it was the ice cream?? Possibly their ice 
cream or sauce is somehow different?? What else did he eat?

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