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Re: [IP] michael and setting temp basal at night

On Sat, 21 Aug 1999, Ruth Schneider wrote:

> I am about to do the temp basal tonight as last night we had a little
> problem with geneva going low while at a sleepover.  her basal from 8-12 is
> usually set at 1.3
> I will set her 8-12 p.m. basal at  1.0, because she needs about this much
> after 7 PM....despite still being awake.
> she will then set a temp basal for two hours (right?)  when she hits the
> pillow of her "sleep level" of 1.3.
> this may over lap her midnight setting of 0.2...what happens to this then?
> won't she then go low?

I don't have a clue, everyone is different. I can only relate to you what 
works for Lily. From what I've read on the list, there are 
obviously similarities between people , but you can only draw general 
conclusions for that. You must proceed cautiously and keep good records. 
What ever happens, if you decide to continue with a particular regimen, 
you have to make sure that it duplicates consistently. I would guess that 
going to bed late would delay the entire process of when the evening/nite 
basals are need, but it is only a GUESS. You must test all of this until 
you are satisfied that you have a pretty good understanding of you 
daughter's average metabolic variations over the course of a typical day. 
Even then there will be exceptions -- it is the rule, so to speak. Pun 
intended! Just when I think Lily and I have it figured out, something 
changes. It is a common thread for all pumpers I believe.

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