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[IP] how to ruin a perfect day of #'s

Hi gang,

What did we do wrong? We went to Chile's tonight. (we frequent a lot) and 
Kevin wanted dessert. We usually try to stick to home desserts with the carbs 
on the package...but we said ok since we have put him thru so much basal 
testing this week...SO he got a cup of icecream with some chocolate sauce on 
it. Pretty innocent I thought. Looked up in my book and estimated about 45 
carbs for the whole thing. 

He started the dinner at 100 and ate what he normally does (and never had a 
problem with). 2 hours later he was 401! I couldnt believe it. He felt awful 
and was with a headache and sweaty. We gave conservative .5 units thinking he 
would be down soon....then 1/2 hour later checked and he was 375. We did 1.0 

Is it the fat? or what??? Where did we go wrong? We will be checking a lot 
tonight to make sure we dont have a "insulin collision." shesh.

Sorry so long...just had to talk.

Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pump since 5/99
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