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[IP] michael and setting temp basal at night


I am about to do the temp basal tonight as last night we had a little
problem with geneva going low while at a sleepover.  her basal from 8-12 is
usually set at 1.3

at 10 pm...when she was AWAKE ...she dropped to 67.  she of course treated
and was high as a kite in the am.


I will set her 8-12 p.m. basal at  1.0, because she needs about this much
after 7 PM....despite still being awake.

she will then set a temp basal for two hours (right?)  when she hits the
pillow of her "sleep level" of 1.3.
this may over lap her midnight setting of 0.2...what happens to this then?
won't she then go low?



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