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Re [IP] Site Deterioration

Hi Mary,

Erica too is on a mix, Humalog and Regular, and her sites last 3 days at
least 90% of the time.  What I did find with Erica though, was that I
had to give her old sites plenty of time to heal or they did not want to
work for long.  We found that out early in our pumping learning curve.
We move them around, belly, butt, and back (which is her least
favourite).  That way, the sites get plenty of rest before they are used
again.  I figured that if she was sensitive to the Humalog, she would
require a longer healing period for her old sites.  It did seem to help
in our case but you know that old YMMV thingy :-)

There are different basals required for her different areas, she
requires more when it is in the butt (only fleshy part on her <g>).  Her
back is more abosrbent than her butt, but it is a battle getting her
accustomed to it.  The next one will be  going there, she is resigned to
the fact, but still makes it known she doesn't like it.  Once in though,
it is just as comfortable as anywhere else.  I think what she doesn't
like about it is that she can't see it and likes to check now and then
for bubbles and to make sure the clip is secure.

Hope this helps in some way.  Pumping, although the next best thing to
heaven for us, can be frustrating at times but we would never change.
The longer we pump, the better we get at it.  But, there is always more
to learn!

Barb....Erica's mom

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