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[IP] Site Deterioration

Kelly's sites are only lasting 52 hours.  We are using a 4:1 mix of humalog and regular.
The first 52 hours are wonderful, and things go from bad to worse thereafter, resulting in
small ketones.  The sites look and feel fine.  We are using the stomach, with tenders at a
20-30 degree angle.  (We are planning to try other areas, but having only been pumping a
month, we were first trying for consistency)  I'm going to start changing the site after
48 hours unless someone has an alternate suggestion.  It's definitely not a mistake with
basals, boluses or high fat foods, and it's gotten so I can predict the gradual increase
in blood sugar by the number of hours the site has been in use.  Kelly won't mind the
extra changes, though I will mind the extra cost.  Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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