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[IP] Greetings From Barb....Erica's mom

Hi Everyone,

I have been feeling, well detached, as we haven't been on the digest
much lately.  I try to keep up, but it has been an extremely hectic
summer.  Lots of new people...wow......   Welcome!  I am so excited to
see all the new people who will be benefitting from the pump.  Being the
mom of a pumper, I am also excited about the children who are pumping.
I hope everyone's life will be as enriched as ours has been due to the

Everything is going real well (I actually did knock on wood there) so I
haven't had to send any panicked e'mails. (Now having said that.....be
prepared for HELP e'mail soon) <vbg>    I still read a lot of the
digests, and pick out the things that interest me, plus send off an
e'mail to someone if I think I can help, but I guess we sort of feel
like we are graduating.  We are becoming much more confident in things
and we would not be at this point without all you wonderful people who
sent us hints and tips and support in time of need.  That is one reason
why I will always keep in touch......you always learn something new and
there is always someone who can use someone else's input.  After all the
help we received, I want to return the favour :-)

I have learned to 'calm down' when things don't seem to be going right.
They will be back in 'the zone' sooner or later.

We have learned NOT to automatically change a site with two consecutive
readings over 230 ( remember YMMV!).  Using increased temp basals we
have saved so many sites.  Sometimes it is hormones, a cold, sometimes
it is a bubble, sometimes it is an adjustment in the basal which is
required because we have changed areas on the body for site insertion.
The tummy is SO absorbent, the butt (in Erica's case) usually required a
different basal rate.  The back....well lets just say we are still
working on that one.  Children are complex.  Well maybe yours arent, but
Erica is LOL!

We have learned to play with Dual Wave boluses.  They are wonderful!!  I
have used them for chinese food and pizza and have had incredible
results.  Those of you who have a 507C, I urge you to experiment with
this wonderful toy!!

We are getting better at guessing!! YAY!!

I have met and corresponded with so many wonderful people from all walks
of life and our life has been enriched by the experience.  We have made
some wonderful new friends.

To Michael and the other Admin people.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank
you.  I shudder to think where we would be right now without this site
and all the hours of selfless dedication that go into maintaining it.
It is obviously a labour of love

Well, I am going to hop out to my cozy chair (walking wounded).  Erica
is doing great and we are doing a switcheroo.  She is helping to take
care of ME!  Her command of the pump is fantastic.  She is a terrific
kid, made more so by a lovely little blue box that hugs her daily.

So, this was just a little? note to get back in touch and let you know
Erica has not disappeared, she is just too busy enjoying life and doing
it very well!  Keep on Pumping!

Barb....Erica's hopping mom

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