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Re: Subject: [IP] newbie needs help / exercise highs

> I'm not quite sure I'm getting this.  My son, Jack, just started
> pumping on 8/9/99.  We've pretty much got everything set, but now
> we're about to embark on 5 days at the beach.  I've been
> experimenting with bolusing 1/2 his basal rate and disconnecting
> before swimming, but he's MUCH more active at the beach.  Should I
> bolus 1/2 his basal, feed him a peanut butter cracker and test in an
> hour or so?  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Don't worry about it. Initially check him every hour or two until you 
see the pattern of his basal needs. It is unlikely that much will 
happen in that time frame. My daughter sometimes goes all day without 
her pump in those circumstances, checking only when she wants a snack 
or lunch. Rarely is there a bg problem. YMMV
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