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[IP] MM sending extra softserter

aren't you lucky!!!
I thought of this scenario during the first week of pumping and called
minimed to see if they would send me one more for emergency use at school.
they said we would have to order one and pay the 40 dollars (or
whatever)...I decided that if we ever had to change the site at
school...geneva would have to wait for me or dad or neighbor to retrieve her
"pumping supply box" from home and take to school.  this is fine as our
school is one mile away and someone is always home.  but, it sure would be
nice to have an extra softserter there at school.

> > When I left the inserter at the CDE's office when first going on the
> Minimed sent me a second one in the next mail, for free.  They might send
> a second one for school if you asked.

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