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Re: [IP] re:forgotten bolas

<< We have forgotten several times to bolas, and when we remember, I always 
wonder if, one or even two hours later, we should be still giving the full 
missed bolas, or less by then? >>

I've fallen victim to the forgotten bolus more times than I care to admit
(I seem to have a problem with breakfast...)  When I test high later, the
amount I calculate to bring down that high is never as much as the insulin
I would have given had I bolused for the meal.  I asked the group about
this, and was given the following explanation:

By the time you catch the high, some of the extra glucose is finding it's
way out of your system via the kidneys (in other words, sugar in the
urine).  That sugar is not in your blood anymore, and so you don't need to
account for it.  You should calculate a corrective bolus, based on your
blood sugar to insulin ratio -- how much will each tenth of a unit lower
your blood sugar.

I still forget my breakfast bolus from time to time, and it has me quite
frustrated.  It seems to happen on days when I'm busy -- since I almost
always eat the same thing for breakfast, I don't always need to calculate
my bolus.  Skipping this step seems to lead me to skip the next step also.  :-(

Mary Jean

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