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[IP] newbie needs help / exercise highs


geneva also had NO problems at the beach.  fighting those waves and running
and even just building sand castles.  the problems I worried about were
getting sand in the pump!  we now carry dust-off, which is compressed air to
clean out her pump when we go to sandy spots.

geneva just disconnected while in water and reconnected when she came back
to sand.  she would go for an hour at a time disconnected and had great
numbers all day.  in fact...she would be on the lowish side.

you will be so pleasantly surprised how exercise can allow these pumping
kids to be disconnected.

ruth and geneva, age 10

> I'm not quite sure I'm getting this.  My son, Jack, just started pumping
> 8/9/99.  We've pretty much got everything set, but now we're about to
> on 5 days at the beach.  I've been experimenting with bolusing 1/2 his
> rate and disconnecting before swimming, but he's MUCH more active at the
> beach.  Should I bolus 1/2 his basal, feed him a peanut butter cracker and
> test in an hour or so?  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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