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Re: [IP] carbs are equal

In defense of Sarah, let me say that you are right Jane, the difference is
sugar, but it is sugar in the blood that is the potential problem, not in
your diet.  You must know that every carb you eat turns into pure sugar,
Jane, so if you are concerned about putting sugar in your diet, you better
be equally concerned about putting bread, fruit, pasta, potatoes, and even
"dietetic sugar free" foods too.
	Jan, great story, but do you think she would have made 100 if she
didnt' have that last piece of cake?    *S*   You know just how much we
diabetics love to see 100!   :-)

<Sara -
<We have disagreed  before.  But with diabetes, you are wrong - sugar KILLS!
<That's the only difference between diabetes and "normal" people.  Diabetics
<die early.  Period.  Or of complications!  The difference is SUGAR!
<<Good luck!   Jane

<That's interesting. And you're right. People with diabetes die, especially if
<they eat sugar. It reminded me that my grandmother had diabetes and she ate
<sugar just about every day (she did like her piece of cake). And, sure
<enough, she died!!! She laid down for a nap on the day she turned 98 1/2 and
,<she died. On the other hand, most people *without* diabetes die before they
<reach 98 1/2 ...

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